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How I like to Work:


People often wonder if their issues are sufficient enough to seek therapy for. I always say that if something is bothering you then it is important enough to attend to. People seek therapy for a whole host of different reasons. Some may want a greater sense of personal power and to feel more connected to themselves, whilst others may begin to start the recovery process of a past or ongoing trauma.

Within the therapy sessions I like to pay attention to and be curious about the relationship that develops between myself and you the client. It is through the enriching process of building a meaningful therapeutic relationship that I believe can further personal insight into your issues. I believe transformation can come through being able to connect and reflect with yourself more deeply when given the supportive space to do so.  This process will be different for everyone.

As we are social beings; hardwired for connection, when we experience turmoil and periods of distress, being able to process this and make meaning from it within a supportive and nurturing relationship can really help.

I strive to provide a warm and empathic space where clients feel they can bring themselves to be heard and understood. I am interested in your unique subjective experience of who you are and what you choose to bring to the sessions.

My work is informed by many different approaches which enables a more tailored fit for each client according to what they are bringing and wanting to work on. I draw from various psychotherapeutic theories such as humanistic, existential, client led and attachment and psychodynamic.

I can offer short and long term therapy. I work with individual adults, 18 years and above.

Within my integrative arts psychotherapy training I learnt how to work with clients using different art materials and techniques within a psychotherapy framework. Within sessions I tend to have on hand the use of postcards, sandtray and objects and general art materials for clients to use.

Using art and imagery can really help people engage with themselves and the world in a different way than talking can, helping clients find new meanings and information that was out of conscious awareness previously.

There is no need for you to have any previous experience with art just a willingness to have a go and explore.


I trained as an integrative arts psychotherapist at The Institure for Arts in Therapy and Education in London from 2007-2011. (IATE) I have ten years of experience working as a psychotherapist having worked in a variety of settings  and many different presenting issues from self-esteem to complex trauma.

I am a registered member of The British Association of Pschotherapy and Counselling (BACP) and adhere to their ethical guidelines. I attend regular clinical supervision so I ensure I am working to best practice principles.

I have worked for the last six years at Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge, as a student counsellor within the student services department. I loved working with students but now solely work in private practice within the Chesterton area which allows me to offer more long term therapy to clients.
Previously I have held three honoury posts within the NHS including a Community Mental Health Team in Romford, Fulbourn Hospital in Cambridge and Lawrence Way Counselling Service Cambridge.
Within my therapy training I worked as an honoury arts psychotherapist therapist for Kids Company, London, working within primary schools offering short and long term therapy to parents and teachers.
In 2013 -2014 I worked as a Counsellor for Arts and Minds, Cambridge, within their 'Arts on Prescription' project. The project offers people with mild to moderate anxiety and depression art workshops to promote greater wellbeing.


Sessions and Fees:

Sessions are held weekly and usually at the same time and day. At the moment as I am working online I am able to offer some flexability around this.

An Initial Consultation is £40 and ongoing sessions are £60. I may be able to offer some concession rates but do have a limited number.


Contact Me:

If you would like to find out more about how I work or book an initial consultation please get in touch by email or phone.



07758 295846




St Andrews Hall, St Andrews Street, Cambridge, CB4 1PD

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