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Why Therapy?


People often wonder if their issues are sufficient enough to seek therapy for. I firmly beleive that if something is bothering you then it is important enough to attend to. People seek therapy for a whole host of different reasons. Some may want a greater sense of personal power and to feel more connected to themselves, whilst others may begin to start the recovery process of a past or ongoing trauma.

As we are social beings; hardwired for connection, when we experience turmoil and periods of distress, being able to process this and make meaning from it within a supportive and nurturing relationship can really help.

How I approach the Sessions:

I strive to bring empathy and a warm, non-judgemental stance spiced with some humour to the sessions and therapeutic process. Within the therapy sessions I like to pay attention to and be curious about the relationship that develops between myself and you the client. It is through the enriching process of building a meaningful therapeutic relationship that  can further personal insight into your issues. I believe transformation can come through being able to connect and reflect with yourself more deeply when given the supportive space to do so.  This process will be different for everyone, so there is no template for how this is achieved; there is no wrong or right way to be a client, so come as  you are from wherever you are.

I believe to be a human can be a pretty messy and muddled experience. We often don't know whay we feel the way we do and our experiences can feel really difficult to make sense of. This partly underpins my tendency to work in quite a fluid way so therefore I do not particularly use specific therapy techniques but rather I favour a deep enquiry into your subjective experience.  How we then come to understand this and work with it can be the beginning of an empowering process.

My work as a therapist is informed by many different approaches and theories which enables a more tailored fit for each client according to what they are bringing and wanting to work on. I draw from various psychotherapeutic theories such as Humanistic therapy, existential, client led, attachment and psychodynamic.

Within recent years I have been exploring my own neurodivergence which has led me to get really curious about learning and working within this area. I warmly welcome clients who identify within the neurodiverse community. I'm not by any means an expert in this field or able to offer any specific coaching but I am interested in your experience of how being neurodivergent shows up in your life and what emotional difficulties it may present.

I can offer both short term and long term therapy but do prefer to work longer term with clients as feel this allows for a deeper and richer process to unfold.

I only work with individual adults, 18 years and above.

Within my integrative arts psychotherapy training I learnt how to work with clients using different art materials and techniques within a psychotherapy framework. Within my therapy room I have postcards, a sandtray and objects and general art materials for clients to use.

Using art and imagery can really help people engage with themselves and the world in a different way than talking can, helping clients to find new meanings and information that was out of conscious awareness previously.

There is no need for you to have any previous experience with art just a willingness to have a go and explore.



Phone: 07758 295846  

Address: St Andrews Hall, St Andrews Street, Chesterton, CB4 1DH

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