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Sessions and Fees:

Sessions are ideally held weekly on the same day and at the same time. For in-person sessions I see clients above St Andrews Hall in Chesterton. There is sometimes parking available there or usually free parking on the street. There is also a bicycle rack to the left of the building.   

I also offer online sessions via zoom if this is more preferable for clients. 

In an initial consultation I will hear from you what you would like to work on within the therapy sessions and we can discuss how we can work together collaboratively. It is really important for there to be a good fit between a client and a therapist for a greater therapeutic outcome. Embarking on therapy is a big commitment and therefore it needs to be with the right therapist for you - someone who you feel comfortable with and able to work with.

Within the initial session you as the client will experience a flavour of how I like to work and be able to reflect during or afterwards on whether this way will feel right for you.

Initial consultations last for 50 minutes and the fee is £70.

Ongoing, regular sessions are also for 50 minutes and the fee is £70.

I am currently unable to offer any concessions.

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